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I began painting exactly 26 years ago - Winnie The Pooh on the walls of my son’s nursery. From there it progressed to elephants, giraffes, fairies for my daughter, murals for paying clients to paintings on canvas and a pottery wheel & kiln. My skills and subjects grew (almost) as fast as my kids.

Despite my growing portfolio and having earned my BA in Fine Art, it was only five years ago that I actually becamea full-time artist. In my 25 year career in tech, I saw hundreds of jobs eliminated, restructured, out-sourced etc. and crafted a plan if it were me. In 2018 I had to choose between continuing a career in tech with an incredible team of colleagues and a great paycheck or striking out on my own. With three kids nearing college age, I needed to follow the advice I impressed upon them. Thus was born Carla Thomson Art.

Some of my paintings are chosen simply because they are pretty but for most there is a story behind them. This is also true of my ceramic serving ware. I’m from a large family who get together regularly. We celebrate every holiday oftentimes twice, birthdays, weekends and we’ll even make up new occasions if the mood strikes. Entertaining our horde for two decades has taught me many lessons, it's wonderful to create a beautiful atmosphere but it must function. I learned to keep my centerpiece low or it would get unceremoniously moved in favor of conversation. I learned that a buffet looks and functions best with serving pieces of different heights. Most significantly, I learned that lit candles placed too close to wrapped flowers will catch fire.

When I’m not in the studio, I’m hanging out at home in Rhode Island with my son and two daughters.  I love a long walk with our dog (who we’re certain is a dictator reincarnated) visiting my daughters in London and Boston who are studying opera and law or going out with friends enjoying a Grey Goose martini dirty with extra olives.

Fun fact: While I was working on the series of anemone flower paintings, my daughter was practicing for music school auditions thus the collection was titled “Soft Music of Summer”.

It’s a thrill to share my art with you, I’ve been fortunate to have my artwork in numerous private collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. Each and every sale humbles me. There is no greater compliment than having someone appreciate a small piece of yourself.

My work can be found on and

Some accolades and awards I've received include:

“Award of Excellence” ~ Manhattan Arts International, New York, New York
“Best in Show” ~ Lyn Art Gallery, Rhode Island
“Finalist” ~ Richeson75, Still Life & Floral

"Community Matters" Art League RI, Pawtucket, RI 2023

"Landscapes" Wickford Art Association, Wickford RI 2017

“Studio of Her Own” Lyn Art Gallery, Smithfield RI 2016

"Fakes & Forgeries" Spring Bull Gallery, Newport RI 


Creative Arts Festival Chatham MA 2022
Glastonbury On the Green Art Festival 2022

Creative Arts Festival Chatham MA 2021
Narragansett Art Festival 2019 2021

“Fully Engaged” Paradise City Arts Festival, Marlboro, MA 2019
Narragansett Art Festival 2019

Roseland Cottage Fine Arts Festival Wickford, RI Art Festival 2018
“Pattern Play” Paradise City Arts Festival, Northampton, MA 2018


“Award of Excellence” from Manhattan Arts International 2019

Finalist, Richeson75 International Still Life & Floral 2016
Best In Show “Studio of Her Own” Lyn Art Gallery, Smithfield RI 2016


Edinburg, UK 2021
HongKong 2020
France 2019
Albuquerque, NM 2018
Alexandria, VA 2017
Providence, RI 2016
Houston, TX 2015
Los Angeles, CA 2014
Alexandria, VA | Lexington, KY 2012
Newton, MA 2009


B.A. Studio Art (Graphic Design and Photography) Rhode Island College 1991